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Workplace Flower Etiquette

The workplace is a space where productivity, creativity, and positivity thrive. While various elemen

The Best Spring Flowers for Decorations

With the introduction of sunlight and other perfect conditions in spring, blooms get to sh

What Spring Treats Should You Surprise Your Employees with?

The transition to spring is often an amazing timeline. The climatic conditions change; there’s

The Art of Gift Wrapping and Presentation

In the gifting world, people often say that the thought matters more than the gift itself. However,

Popular Spring Indoor Plants for Your Office Space

The way mankind has used plants over the years has significantly changed. In the olden days, people

The Art of Giving Treats as Gifts

The Art of Giving Treats as Gifts Gift-giving is an art that requires thoughtfulness, creativ

How Long Do Fresh Flowers Last?

How Long Do Fresh Flowers Last? Blooms symbolize love, beauty, and nature. They have been use

The Importance of Good Event Supplies

The Importance of Good Event Supplies Events are an essential part of our lives, whether a sm

The Best Air-Purifying Plants for Your Office Space

The Best Air-Purifying Plants for Your Office Space The New Developments In this era, indo

How to Care for Office Plants

  How to Care for Office Plants Bringing plants into your office can have numerous be

The Go-To Guide for Seasonal Flowers

The Go-To Guide for Seasonal Flowers Step into the world of blooming beauty and embrace the b

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Corporate Event Cake Flavors

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Corporate Event Cake Flavors Choosing the perfect flavors for your

Top 10 Valentine's Gifting Ideas

Top 10 Valentine's Gifting Ideas Valentine's Day is perfect for showing your loved on

The Best Unique Corporate Cake Flavors

The Best Unique Corporate Cake Flavors Corporate events are important business meetups that m

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gifting in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gifting in 2023 Businesses in the corporate world are embraci

BloomingBox: Online Flower Delivery

Initially, way before e-commerce was introduced, vendors used to take their flowers to the fresh

5 Unique and Creative Corporate Gift Ideas in 2022

5 Unique and Creative Corporate Gift Ideas in 2022 Gifts are a symbol of appreciation and gra

Corporate Event Essentials: What You Need for a Successful Event

Corporate events are among the things that bring a sense of liveliness and enjoyment to the offi

Thoughtful Corporate Gift Hampers for Employees

  Employees put much work in to ensure that the company achieves its targets and stays i

Top Corporate Party Supplies, Ideas, and Inspiration

Top Corporate Party Supplies, Ideas, and Inspiration Corporate parties are events that employ

Avoid These Mistakes with Your Fresh Flowers

Having flowers at the office sounds like a good idea but they don't look that good when they sta

Helpful Tips to Pick the Right Flower Arrangements

Florists in the UAE create all kinds of floral arrangements for different customers every day. They

How to Choose a Reliable Corporate Florist

With advancement in technology, it’s now easy to use your phone or computer to order flowers o

What You Need to Know About Cut Flowers

Most people buy flowers, place them in vases, and wait for them to wither without realizing that the

How to Make Cut Flowers Last Indoors

Fresh cut flowers make some of the best gifts and are ideal for decorating the office or any other c

Things You Must Know about Flower Etiquette at the Office

Do you know when it is appropriate to send flowers to your co-workers or boss? Most individuals spen

What are Some Simple Cut Flower Hacks?

Most people enjoy flowers at the office, especially in the UAE where there are many reputable floris

What are the Best Tips for Buying Flowers Online?

Flowers have been around for many decades and have been popular gifts for various occasions. Flowers

How Should You Choose Corporate Flowers?

Many tradeshows, conferences, and marketing events take place in the UAE which requires you to searc

Benefits of Cut Flower Food

Do you always wonder why cut flowers are sold with flower food? Do you really need it? When you buy

Cake Care Instructions

What’s more delightful than a delicious cake melting on your tongue? Sponge, chiffon, or whate

Choosing Suitable Corporate Flowers

One thing about flowers is that they can brighten any dull room and transform a boring event into a

Common Flower Mistakes to Avoid

You can enjoy flowers in any size, shape, or form; and the best way to get fresh flowers in the UAE

Common Problems in Cut Roses and their Solutions

Roses are the most popular flowers; you’ll find them online in the UAE and everywhere else. Th

Cut Flower Tips

It’s easy to buy flowers from local florists in the UAE and get them delivered to your address

Florists Tips for Preserving Your Bouquet

Flowers smell good, uplift your mood, and brighten any room, but wilted and dead flowers have the op

Flower Arrangement Ideas

Fresh floral arrangements enhance the décor and blend into many spaces by bringing a dash of

Flower Care for Winter and What to Avoid

Although winter months are cold and dull, you can brighten your home and bring joy to your surroundi

Flower Care Guide | How to Care for Your Flowers

  Nothing beats the joy flowers bring to a room; various types bloom throughout the differen

Flower Hacks that will Blow Your Mind

Fresh flowers can make any room feel like a castle; however, sometimes they start looking dull or wi

Fresh Flower Care Tips for Your Newly Delivered Flowers

A vase of fresh flowers brings light and life to any room; it’s disappointing to see beautiful

How Can You Choose an Online Florist?

Flowers make the perfect gifts and decorations because of their versatility. They fill the room with

How Flowers Can Help When You Return to Work

Most companies in the UAE and around the world sent their workers from the office to work from home.

How to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

Flower arrangements transform any dull room with a burst of color, and they make the perfect gifts.

How to Buy Flowers: BloomingBox Guide

Flowers are excellent for various occasions and spaces; they bring light and enhance the déco

How to Care for Your Dried Flowers

Different people love different types of flowers; some love roses, other peonies, lilies, and some p

How to Choose a Corporate Cake

A successful corporate event stays in people’s minds for many years; this comes down to small

How to Choose a Floral Arrangement

The best way to brighten a dull space is to include floral arrangements that bring pleasant scents t

How to Choose High-Quality Flowers

Most businesses in the UAE face the challenge of sourcing and choosing suitable corporate flowers. D

How to Choose the Right Corporate Cake

Corporate cakes have become popular over the years; they are ideal for celebrating achievements or m

How to Follow Flower-Giving Etiquette

Flower-giving is an old activity that’s used to show your appreciation or love on different oc

How to Get the Best Flowers for Your Event

There are many events to look forward to in the UAE, and each requires flowers to lighten the mood.

How to Keep Your Bouquet from Wilting

A beautiful bouquet looks good in any room or event. Although cut flowers don’t last forever,

How to Make Flowers Last Longer: 9 Tricks

Most people love flowers, whether at the office, home, or as a gift. Bouquets bring light to any hom

Important Questions to Ask Your Local Cake Store

A special occasion requires a delicious cake to make it memorable. A cake is one of the best parts o

Popular Corporate Cake Designs

Almost everybody loves cake, from cupcakes, layer cakes and Bundt cakes, made from scratch, dairy-fr

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Florist for Your Corporate Dinner

If you’re planning a corporate dinner and wish to do it within your budget, don’t spoil

Say Congratulations with Flowers

Eye-catching floral arrangements are one of the sincerest ways to appreciate life’s most monum

Sending Flowers as Corporate Gifts: What You Need to Know

You don’t have to send flowers to your clients or business partners; however, this gesture set

The Right Flowers for Every Occasion

Although there are many reputable online florists in the UAE, it can be challenging to choose the ri

Things You Should Never Do to Your Office Plants

Office plants can brighten your office in the UAE and make it a healthy working environment. Office

Tips for Choosing the Best Cake for Every Occasion

Cakes are an essential part of any celebration – they make the occasion feel unique. The UAE h

Tips for Sending Birthday Flowers

It can be challenging to pick the right birthday flowers for your loved ones. However, the good thin

Tips for Sending Flowers to Loved Ones in Hospitals

It is not uncommon to see the exchange of flowers either in movies or firsthand. It could be during

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Florist

It is crucial to get the right flowers for your event, but this only happens if you pick the right f

Types of Flower Arrangements for Various Occasions

Flowers have the ability to capture people's attention because of their enchanting beauty and sw

What are the Benefits of Custom-Made Corporate Cakes?

The presence of a cake at a corporate event makes it unique and memorable; using a custom corporate

What Makes Different Types of Modern Flower Arrangements?

Everybody loves flowers for their scents and beauty; they get everybody's attention effortlessly

What to Consider when Choosing Office Flowers

Fresh flowers are an excellent addition to your office and any corporate space, especially in the UA

What to Look for When Buying Roses

Roses are some of the most bought flowers as gifts or decorations; they are classic and timeless. Th

Why Buy Flowers from Local Florists? 

First impressions count especially in the corporate world when you want to make a powerful statement

Why Flowers Make the Perfect Corporate Gifts

There are so many reasons to give flowers to co-workers, employees, business partners, and clients.

Why Online Flower Delivery is Booming

What is better than flowers to brighten your home and mood? Online flower delivery stores have made

Why Same-Day Flower Services are Important

With numerous corporate events to plan in the UAE, you can always find a reputable florist to supply

Why Should You Hire a Professional Florist?

Professional florists take away the pressure of sourcing and arranging flowers, especially if you ha

Why Taking Care of Cut Flowers is Easy

A fresh flower bouquet is pleasant to look at whether at the office or when you receive it as a gift

Why You Should Consider a Flower Subscription Plan

Flower subscription services are gaining popularity in the UAE and worldwide because of their conven

Why You Should Consider an Online Florist

Today, most people are looking for reliable and fast services in every sector; that is why they rely

Why You Should Consider Buying Flowers Online

  Advancement in technology has made it easier to buy flowers and other things online. You c

Why You Should Consider Corporate Floral Arrangements

  If you’re planning a marketing event, a trade show, or a conference in the UAE; or l

Why Your Business Needs Corporate Floral Arrangements

  How do you make a good first impression at the office? First impressions are important in

Why Your Business Needs Flowers

  How do you get the attention of your customers or business partners the first time they en

A Guideline to Choosing the Right Corporate Flowers

Most organizations in the UAE know the value of corporate flowers. They not only enhance your brand&



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