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Refunds and Cancellations 

In the event that you wish to cancel an order with BloomingBox, the amount will be returned as store credit. If in the event, an order cancellation is qualified for a refund, 3% will be deducted from the original amount paid for the issued bank as per bank fees.

If the order is placed for a specified timeframe with no response from the recipient during address acquiring, the order will automatically be moved to the next available delivery slot without a refund for extra delivery charges as the service has been met by BloomingBox.

Note that if, for an agreed reason, BloomingBox agrees to issue a refund, the said refund may take anywhere between 4-12 days as per the rules and regulations of the issuing payment gateway partners.

If the order is to be delivered to a non-serviceable area, the customer can provide an alternate recipient to receive the order within a serviceable location or provide an alternate, serviceable location for the original recipient. In any case the order gets canceled however, the purchase value of the order will be returned as store credit.



Returns may be executed on any of the following grounds:


  1. Quality: If there is an issue with the quality of a received order and the said issue has been confirmed by BloomingBox, you may request for product replacement, or another product of the same value, OR you may also receive a full refund for your purchase. A complaint should be received on the same day or within the next day.

If the order consists of a cake, the replacement can only be accepted within 3 hours of receiving the cake.

  1. Quantity: If the order you received does not correspond with the amount that you ordered and this discrepancy has been confirmed by BloomingBox, you may choose to request for a new item as compensation for the order or a fair refund corresponding to the value of the unincluded item/s.


Replacements will only take place on the next delivery slot, if the slot is before 6pm. Any orders received after 6pm and a replacement is needed, that replacement will be issued on the next consecutive day.



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