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Cactus Care

If you're always busy but still need a plant for your patio or home, or maybe you need a plant that requires less attention, consider ordering cactus delivery. Cacti are easy to manage. Different cacti species require different environments to survive. Some thrive in tropical rainforests, while others grow in dry sandy soils. When you order cactus delivery, learn more about its species and what type of environment it requires to thrive. You need the right potting mix for your cactus delivery. Although cacti grow in dry arid climates, you still need to water your cactus delivery. Although they store water to use in extremely dry conditions, you can tell when this is used up when they start to yellow. Your cactus delivery, like other cacti, requires more water during warmer seasons. Watering depends on your cacti's position; water it more if it is outdoors and less when it is indoors.

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Types of Cactus

If you only thought that cacti only grow in deserts, then you could be wrong. Cacti are excellent decorations, and they thrive as indoors and outdoors plants. Here are various cacti that will impress you.

Angel Wings Cactus

Before you buy cactus online, you will realize that they have unique features. Angel wings cactus are characterized by evenly-spaced clumps of hairs instead of thorns. Although they can grow up to 5 feet tall, they usually reach 2 feet. They produce yellow flowers and red edible fruits.

African Milk Tree

The good thing about deciding to buy cactus online is that there is a variety to purchase. The African milk tree is easy to grow and care for; it makes you feel like an expert grower. Did you know that the African milk tree can grow more than 8 feet in height? However, it is a slow grower and might not get past 4 feet indoors.

Rat Tail Cactus

If you love hanging plants, you should consider the rat tail cactus next time you buy cactus online. This cactus is native to Mexico, where its flowers were used as heart problem medication. The rat tail cactus grows fast, and its stems can reach up to 3 feet long.

Saguaro Cactus

Did you know that the saguaro cactus can live for 2 centuries and take at least 40 years to produce flowers? The saguaro cactus is an ideal houseplant if you are looking to buy cactus online and wish for a long-lasting plant.

Bishop’s Cap

The bishop’s cap cactus is spherical; the deeply-ridged sphere is covered in stiff spikes. When you buy cactus online, you might notice that your bishop’s cap is developing a frosty white coating. This should not alarm you; it a defence mechanism against harsh sunlight. Water it when necessary, and provide a warm environment.

Cacti are ideal indoor and outdoor plants because they can thrive in any environment and require little care. When choosing to buy cactus online, you’ll be spoilt for choice; each cactus is unique. Some live longer than others, while others have colorful flowers.



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