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How to Get Cut Lilies to Open

It is normal to expect your lilies delivery to open when you place them in water, but did you know that you can encourage them to open faster? If you can see the first bud cracking open, you can make the others open within 2 days. Your lilies delivery will look good on display, but first, you need to fill the vase half full with warm water. Measure 2 tablespoons of sugar per liter of water and mix. Place the lilies delivery in the vase and then place a wooden dowel 1 to 2 inches higher than the tallest bud in the vase. Place a clear plastic bag or a roasting bag loosely over the vase. Use a twist tie to secure the bottom of the bag to the top of the vase. Move it to a warm corner/space where there is plenty of indirect sunlight. Remove the bag, remove your lilies delivery, and pour out the contents. Place your lilies delivery in a vase with cool water if the buds have opened. It might take at least 72 hours for them to open.

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Preserving Cut Lilies

Lilies are delicate yet exotic; they bring elegance to any floral arrangement. It is necessary to care for these tender blooms if you want them to last longer by following these tips;


It’s wise to take specific steps when you order lilies online and receive your blooms. Although you’ll receive cut flowers, you need to re-cut them at a 45 degrees angle; this will allow them to absorb more water and last longer. They will also keep them looking fresh.

Indirect Sunlight

Although growing lilies love the sun, cut lilies thrive under indirect sunlight. Before you order lilies online, find a place to display them away from windows in cool areas. When you order lilies online, place them away from fruits, especially bananas, because they produce a gas that ages flowers.

Clean Water

Clean water is necessary when you order lilies online; it keeps the blooms looking fresh and prolongs their lives. Replenish the water after every 2 days; rinse the vase/container with warm water to clean it. Fill it with 2/3 water and add the plant food that comes with your order lilies online.

Cut the Foliage

It is advisable to remove any leaves that lie below the waterline and cut rotting stems. It’s also wise to remove any rotting leaves; this prevents them from infecting the healthy ones. Removing extra leaves from your order lilies online bouquet reduces bacteria in the vase.

Remove Pollen

Pollen is important for plants but can be problematic or lilies. When you receive your order lilies online bouquet, remove the pollen; it can eat away the petals leading to a shorter vase-life. It’s hard to remove pollen from some lilies, but others like Stargazer lilies are easy to remove.

Lilies are some of the most beautiful flowers to display in your office, home, or receive as a bouquet. You can make them open faster or last longer by following specific procedures and tips.



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