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Sunflower Bouquet Arrangements

Sunflowers add a pop of golden color to any space; they look good as bouquets or in vases. The first step to making an incredible arrangement is to order from the best sunflower bouquet delivery service. This ensures that the flowers are high-quality, fresh from the garden, have no wilted petals, and have tight centers. It’s wise to choose the short ones for your sunflower bouquet delivery which need some growing or those a foot long. As soon as your sunflower bouquet delivery arrives, clip the stems with sharp clipping shears and place them in cool water. To make beautiful floral arrangements in a vase, first, fill the container with water

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How to Prevent Cut Sunflowers from Drooping

Sunflowers look good in gardens and on display in vases but once cut, they require care to continue flourishing. Here are useful tips to keep your sunflowers fresh and vibrant;

Water Regularly

When you order sunflower bouquet online, you need to be ready to care for it by watering to prevent drying and wilting. Sunflowers require water for hydration and transportation of minerals and essential nutrients. Flowers also need water for transpiration-a process that helps to absorb carbon dioxide from the air and cool the plant.

Flower Food

One of the best reasons to order sunflower bouquet online is that you don’t need to make DIY flower food. You receive it together with your order. Flower food contains carbohydrates and sugars that provide energy, a pH regulator that boosts water intake, and an antibacterial that fights bacteria in the water. It is wise to follow the instructions provided to receive the best results.

Cut the Stems at an Angle

It’s necessary to cut the stems of your flowers at a 45-degree angle. It is wise trim this way instead of straight; this increases the surface area for water absorption. The lack of enough water causes the flowers to droop or prematurely drop their petals. It is advisable to use sharp pruning shears; dull tools can injure or crush the stems.

Change the Water Daily

It’s obvious that you should have a vase or container to display your blooms before you order sunflower bouquet online. What’s not obvious is that you should change the water every day. Sunflowers need enough water to thrive. It’s also wise to recut the stems when you change the water or every other day. Cut any discoloration from the stems to prevent it from spreading to other stems and leaves. Be careful not to overwater the flowers.

Find a Good Vase

Vases complement flower arrangements but did you know that not all vases are ideal for sunflowers? Tall vases are excellent when you order sunflower bouquet online because they support the long stems and petals and prevents them from drooping.

Sunflowers are beautiful and illuminate any space like the sun; they are ideal for bouquets and can complement any room. Caring for sunflowers by following the above tips is the surest way to prolong their lives and get your money’s worth.



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